On 23 Nov 2008, at 17:23, A. Wolf wrote:

>>> Since when can consciousness be an instantaneous event?
>> Oops! replace with (Dx,Dt).  I have no deltas.
> Yeah, but still.  I don't think consciousness can be freeze-framed
> mathematically like this.  I haven't been reading the conversation,
> though...I should probably try to catch up.

You are welcome.

You seem to know a bit of logic, so you could read the paper UDA +  
AUDA paper here:


Well you arrive at the end (of the first part?) of a more than 10  
years conversation but it is NEVER too late :)

I am currently explaining the Movie Graph Argument, which is the 8th  
step of the Universal Dovetailer Argument. The UDA is supposed to  
show, or shows, that mechanism and physicalism (or materialism,  
naturalism) are incompatible. It shows that if mechanism is true,  
physics has to be derived from numbers and logic.
The AUDA is about the same explained to, or by, a lobian machine,  
which is a universal machine knowing she is universal (or if you know  
logic: a Sigma_1 theorem prover which can prove all sentences of the  
shape S -> Bew('S'), S Sigma_1. Peano Arithmetic, the formal theory,  
can readily be transformed into such a finitely presentable machine.  
 From this we can extract a logic of the observable proposition and  
compare with the empirical quantum logic, making comp testable, and  
already tested on its most weird consequences, retrospectively.


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