Hi Kim,

On 28 Nov 2008, at 09:54, Kim Jones wrote:

> How is it - dans les termes comprehensibles a un gamin comme moi -
> that because I am a machine, SANS des MATHEMATIQUES, there is no
> substratum of primitive physical materiality?
> If you can explain this dans des termes simples pour une fois je te
> serais infiniment reconnaisant

To explain that the world is (mostly) mathematical (and then psycho or  
bio or theo logical), without mathematics, can be demanding.
What could help is the Mandelbrot Set. I will think about it.

Also, I don't want to bore the list too much, and there are already  
many posts, so I will go extremely slowly.

You may be disappointed. In general mystic-open people like the  
conclusion, but dislike the hypotheses and the methodology  
(reasoning). The rationalists like the hypotheses and the reasoning,  
but few appreciate the conclusion.

Are you really serious? I could send a post per month, taking  
everything at zero.

Have you an intuition that consciousness is not material?

In case you were not serious, it is ok also. But I like to share, and  
others could benefit. Who knows, you could be the one finding the  
fatal flaw!



La vérité sort de la bouche des débutants.

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