> 2009/2/11 Quentin Anciaux>
> Because the point is to know from a 1st person perspective that it exists a 
> "next subjective moment"... if there is, QI holds. Even if in the majority of 
> "universes" I'm dead... from 1st perspective I cannot "be dead" hence the 
> only moments that count is where I exists however small the measure of that 
> moment is... and if at any momemts there exists a successor where I exists 
> then QI holds.

But any notion of there being objective truths about what happens from the "1st 
person perspective", as opposed to just 3rd person truths about what various 
brains *report* experiencing, gets into philosophical assumptions that really 
need to made explicit or else people are talking at cross-purposes...this is 
what I was getting at with my post at 
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