On Sat, Feb 07, 2009 at 10:05:14AM -0800, Jack Mallah wrote:
> --- On Fri, 2/6/09, russell standish <li...@hpcoders.com.au> wrote:
> > So sorry Jacques - you need to do better. I'm sure you can!
> Russell, I expected there might be some discussion of my latest eprint on 
> this list.  That's why I'm here now - to see if there are any clarifications 
> I should make in it.  I intend to make it better - and perhaps I'll have you 
> guys to thank!

I'm happy to help - hopefully any criticisms I and others make will be
constructive. But it may take a few days, as work commitments intervene!

> > What I think he is trying to discuss, somewhat clumsily, in the
> > section on measure, is the ASSA notion of a unique well-defined
> > measure for all observer moments.
> The charge of 'clumsiness' is too vague for me to do anything about, so 
> perhaps you could be more specific.  As for self-sampling, I didn't want to 
> use that term because it can create the confusion that something random is 
> really going on.  Instead I covered the Bayesian issues in my sections on the 
> Reflection Argument and Theory Confirmation.

Fair comment. I will try to be more specific. But for now, take it as
a signpost that the discussion does not adequately explain the
concepts of "amount of consciousness", "effective probability",
the sampling measure used in anthropic arguments and the
interrelations between all of these.


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