Hi Bruno,

>> The idea was that the numbers encode moments which don't have  
>> successors
>> (the guy who transports), that's why there exist alien-OMs encoded in
>> numbers which destroy all the machines (if we assume that arithmetic  
>> is
>> consistent).
> Hmmm.... (Not to clear for me, I guess I miss something. I can build  
> to much scenario from you say here).


if you make OM's correspond to numbers, then QI holds if for all OM's 
(encoded by some n) there are some (at least one) f(n) so that it is a 

If the aliens destroy all the reconstitution machines (and the person
beaming over does not find the beaming to have failed), this would mean
that there exists a number n (=OM) for which there is no f(n) which
encodes a continuation.

So there can't both be a continuation OM (f(n) for n) _and_ aliens 
destroying _all_ the machines in the multiverse - which would say there 
is _no_ such f(n), for some given n (the teleportation n).

Maybe the confusion arises because we are talking on 2 levels: the
platonic view (numbers) and the inside view (OMs). What is determined in 
the one (platonic relations) decides what is possible in the OMs.


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