Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
>> Imagine the sequence:
>> Scan - Annihilate - Signal - Reconstitute

> The no-cul-de-sac hypothesis is false if you allow that there is some
> means of destroying all copies in the multiverse. But there is
> probably no such means, no matter how advanced the aliens.

Assuming COMP you are probably right, but with standard MWI I'm with 
Jonathan - it suffices that the aliens would make sure that no 
decoherent branch contains a successor macrostate; considering that the 
reconstitution machine and the incoming beam are (localized) 
macrostates, this seems plausible. Maybe we would have to modify the 
scenario a bit (not 100 000 lightyears distance, which would open up 
possibilites for very different histories) but the minimal distance to 
ensure that annihilation has finished before reconstitution "would" 
begin (without tampering).


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