Hi Bruno,

> 1-OM, (by step 7, correspond to infinity (aleph_zero)  of 3-OMs,  
> themselves embedded in bigger infinities (2^aleph_zero) of  
> computations going trough their corresponding states.
> Between you-in-the-living room, and you-in-the-kitchen there is  
> already a continuum of stories/computations.

I'm fine up to here.

> The alien should be able to shut down the universal dovetailer. By  

No, they need not - see below.

> I think you (momentarily perhaps?) forget the full consequence of the  
> seventh uda step. You, in the next instant, is literally determined by  
> a continuum of computations+oracles executed by the UD. Thanks to  

I am aware of Step 7: but I don't agree that all computations need 
correspond to a continuation of an OM.

You agree that some "continuations" can actually be a non-continuation, 
don't you? For instance, in Quantum suicide, there are versions of you 
which die (visibly for other observers) - so there are "continuations" 
of your state which code your termination.

I do not see following from UDA that all computational continuations 
need correspond to OMs. For instance, in step 1 we say "yes doctor", but 
we don't say yes to every doctor, for instance to the one arriving with 
some cogwheels -> "no doctor" ;-)

So, what I am saying is that maybe in some cases (cul de sac) _all_ 
(2^aleph_zero) continuations actually code for termination (=the 
teleport fails completely, but annihilation unfortunately succeeds).

How can you exclude that? Are you assuming that _every_ computation is 
conscious qua computation? (then I would agree -> QI; but I don't share 
that assumption, and I don't see it anywhere in UDA)

Best Wishes,

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