Hi Bruno,

2009/3/15 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be>

> Hi Günther,
> >
> > Hi Bruno,
> >
> > thanks for your interesting answer, I have some questions though.
> >
> >> course, as I said, this will depend of what you mean by "you". In
> >> case
> >> you accept the idea of surviving with amnesia, you can even get to a
> >> state where you "know" you are immortal, because your immortality
> >> is a
> >> "past event".
> >
> >
> > I would equate total amnesia with death (we've been through this
> > before,
> > Stathis has written about this, if I remember correctly).
> I remember Quentin identifying himself with his memory, and very
> logically, identifying total amnesia with death.
> It is a complex matter. Total amnesia concern only some form of
> declarative knowledge, you cannot loss your "procedural memory",
> because it is part of ... arithmetic, and common to all elementary
> knowers.
Well I agree that in total amnesia thought experiment... well the amnesia is
not total... the subject still knows his former language and other
knowledge... except all knowledges/memories about *who* he was is lost. And
in this sense IF in one minute I lose these memories about my current ME,
then my current ME is dead for all practical purpose. And IF mwi and/or comp
is true then there must exists a moment which is a successor of current ME
without the current ME memories being lost... so I should end up in this
state and not in the state where my identity was erased because like I can't
be where I'm dead... I can't be where I'm not. The 'I' which is referred is
the one with memories, the one without cannot meaningfully say he is a
successor of me now, except if he sees like in real world "total" amnesia
case that his body was mine and causally connected to mine. But in comp
sense this is not meaningful... If my mind can be copied and transferred in
a "metal" body, this metal body is not causally connected to my biological
body... but that mind is a continuation of current me.

So in this sense, if you say that it is possible that all successor moment
to a moment could lead to a "total" amnesia, then QI is false... or
tautologically true because it means you are everyone (ie: no one). But for
all practical purpose current ME would be dead.

I'll continue to read the rest of the mail.


All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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