Flammarion wrote:
> We might call these three notions of existence Q-existence, M-
> existence and C-existence for short. My argument with you has been
> that even if one wishes to postulate a single universe, M-existence is
> an unnecessary middleman and doesn't even seem well-defined, all we
> need to do is postulate that out of all the mathematically possible
> universes that have Q-existence, only one has C-existence.
> The M-existence hypothesis is supported by the whole of science, and,
> unlike the C-existence hypothesis, is in line
> with the scientific claim that there was a long period when there was
> no consciousness in the universe.
I'm confused by these last two paragraphs.  Did Peter write both of 
them?  The first seems to be against M-existence and the second for 
M-existence...or maybe I misunderstand?


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