soulcatcher-2 wrote:
> Hi all,
> every time I read about the anthropic reasoning in physics I can't
> help asking the more general question:
> "Why I am I, not somebody else?"
> Why I see through _this_ eyes, am confined to _this_ brain, was born
> in _this_ year, etc?
> This question seems to me of the same importance as the question "why
> we live in _this_ universe, with _this_ physical laws?". Moreover, I
> have a deep feeling that both questions ultimately should have the
> same answer - I really don't see a difference between "why my universe
> is this, not that" and "why me body/brain is this, not that" questions
> ...
> So. what do you think - why you is _you_, not me or Elvis Presley or
> whatever?

Hi soulcatcher-2,

maybe there is no communicable reason for you being you - words and concepts
can only point to the reason, not be the reason. You are you, because you
are free to be you. And freedom is wonderful, isn't it - so why should
anybody ask for a reason that is more graspable (except because of the bad
habit of craving to explanations of the mind/intellect). Can there be a
better, more convincing reason for you than the opportunity for endless
love, fun and development (all of which do not take place in the intellect)?

I thought about a reason for "me" (being me and still changing) really hard
and I found that searching an explanation in the mind will lead you nowhere
(except to deeply depressive thoughts); though i still try it all too often.
Satisfying explanations can only be found in your "heart".

Sorry, if this doesn't satisfy you right now... ;)

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