On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 4:59 AM, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi soulcatcher,
> Good question, it is something I thought about too, then I realized I am me
> because it was this brain in my skull asking that question.  I created the
> attached image to help illustrate my point.  If each person asks that
> question "why am I me?" another way of phrasing their question is "Why am I
> seeing the universe from this perspective and not someone else's?"  If you
> follow the thought bubbles in the picture you see it leads to a head which
> is connected to a specific pair of eyes, it would only be natural that the
> individual isolated brains only remember seeing from one person's
> perspective, and just as natural for them to be curious about that fact.
>  However when looked at from this perspective the answer seems quite
> obvious.

It's definitely not obvious for me )
If I understand you right, you're trying to answer the question from
3-d person view, but I really don't see how subjective 1-st person
experience could emerge from (or be reduced to) 3-d person description
of this experience. I'm comfortable with the thought that other people
aren't zombies and ask the same questions as I do, but I still don't
understand why I'm having this 1-st person experience but not that.

> Another more interesting question: How do you know you aren't also
> perceiving those other people's perspectives too?  Obviously no individual
> brain remembers the thoughts or experiences of the others because there are
> no neural connections between them (like split brain patients who develop
> two egos) but just because you don't remember experiencing something doesn't
> mean you didn't experience it.

I always thought that my consciousness (and qualia, 1-st person
experience) is by definition the perspective that I'm not only having
right now but knowing that I'm having it (here I strongly agree with
Damasio that consciousness is not separable from the knowing about the
feeling). Therefore, by definition, I'm not perceiving those other
people's perspectives - because If I perceived them, I would have
known that, these perspectives would be not their but my perspective -
but they are not. Moreover, this is the only thing that I'm sure about
- cause my perspective is the one and the only perspective I know.
Bruno Marchal said (and I really love this quote):  "Any content of
consciousness can be an illusion. Consciousness itself
cannot, because without consciousness there is no more illusion at all. "
In the other words, I can say that my 1-st person perspective cannot
be an illusion and, as the other people's perspectives aren't part of
it, I'm sure that I'm not perceiving them...


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