Rex Allen wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Brent Meeker <> wrote:
>> Science advances in small steps that often depend on technology.  I think
>> the next 'hard' question that has some chance of being answered is, what
>> information processes are necessary and sufficient  to produce human-like
>> conscious behavior.
> Does the word "conscious" really fit there?  So there is the question
> of how to implement a physical system that can be interpreted as
> producing human-like behavior.
> And then there is the further question of whether the production of
> this behavior is accompanied by "consciousness".
> I can configure physical systems in such a way that to me it
> represents something.  For instance I can write software to run on a
> physical computer that produces outputs that to me represent "game
> characters" or something.  With sufficiently clever software, I may
> interpret the outputs of the computer to be "behavior" that is more or
> less "human-like".
> But my interpretation may be doing all the work here.  I may be
> deluding myself into believing that there is consciousness associated
> with the actions of the physical system I call a computer...when in
> fact there is no such thing there.  The appearance of "conscious
> behavior" in the computer could be an illusion.  Probably it would be.
It could be that other people are not conscious too.



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