soulcatcher☠ wrote:
Lets consider two "hard" questions - "why do we live in THIS
universe?" (1) and "why am I me?" (2).

(1) . Why do we live in THIS universe?

Here we got:
- string theory and anthropic reasoning present us with a landscape of
10^(10^N) universes that we can choose from.
- we've got some strong constraints on the result of the choice. The
choice can be random (or defined by some probability distribution on
the set of all possible universes), but we should live in the universe
compatible with our existence.

Conclusion: we can't answer 'hard' question 'Why physical laws are
described by string (M, F, whatever) theory, but we can at least ask
more 'soft' question - 'Why from the set of all possible universes
described by theory T the chosen one is this one". And this question
sounds scientific and it seems that it should be answered before we
can answer thr hard one.

(2). Why am I me?
Here we got nothing (?):
- what is a "landscape" here, a set of all possible mes? All the
people? All the people that ever lived and will ever live? All the
animals? All the conscious entities? And here we stuck cause we don't
know excatly what entity is conscious and what is not. Or, maybe the
set contains only ONE element (only one 1st person exists ...) and
there is no choice at all?
- what are constraints? What machine can 'host' me (conscious entity) ?


Sorry, I forgot the questions themselves:

1. Can we temporarily substitute the 'hard' question "why am I me?" by
the more 'soft' one,
like the question of choice in some 'level 3 tegmarkian multiverse' of
all possible mes ?

2. Can we reduce "why am I me?" to the question of choice on the some set?

3. What is the 'hardest' question that is still scientific? In other
words, that is the most rigorous reformulation of "why I am me?" that
could be asked and maybe even answered by modern science in the
nearest future?

Science advances in small steps that often depend on technology.  I think the next 'hard' question that has some chance of being answered is, what information processes are necessary and sufficient  to produce human-like conscious behavior.

One cannot guess the real difficulties of a problem before having solved it."
   --- Carl Ludwig Siegel


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