On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 9:40 AM, Skeletori <sami.per...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My hope and wish is that by this time, wealth and the economy as we know
> will be obsolete.  In a virtual world, where anyone can do or experience
> anything, and everyone is immortal and perfectly healthy, the only
> would be the creativity to generate new ideas and experiences.  (I highly

> recommend reading page this to see what such an existence could be:
http://frombob.to/you/aconvers.htmlthis one is also interestinghttp://
www.marshallbrain.com/discard1.htm).  If anyone can in the comfort
> of their own virtual house experience drinking a soda, what need would
> be for Pepsi or Coke to exist as companies?

Before bankrupting big companies, we may take a look at ourselves
(humanity?) in the situation of being immortal, healthy
with unlimited creativity (in facto). Does it include sex? should we include
'having babies' (the ultimate happiness)? in which case humanity would
proliferated even at a higher level than now, all of them enjoying sex and
proliferation? Or should we include a 'mind-only' restriction and shrink
away the sex-related part of life and eliminate the sex-related
organs? Would it be worth the survival?  similarly: if our mentality can
produce 'everything', how about food to enjoy? are we eliminating as well
our metabolism - not to get unlimitedly fat? thinking in wider domains of
the suggested utopy brings up points beyond nixing the Pepsi or Coke stocks.

I rather limit my unlimited capabilities and have a beer.

John Mikes

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