Dear Rabbi

Rabbi Rabbit wrote:
What is
surprising about Abulafia is that he did not reach this state by
suppressing his conscious mind, as most mystics do by repetition of a
single formula/mantra, but by overstimulating it with letter
combinations accompanied by body motions.
Too much information is no information at all and a white sheet of paper carries just as much information as a black one. So overstimulating one's mind with a barrage of letters may achieve the same results as understimulating it. Abulafia may have been suppressing his conscious mind by overstimulating it.
I haven't thought enough how the technique of letter combinations
could be related to consciousness. Any ideas?
Numbers and more generally mathematics and logic (more precisely self referential logic) is an essential requirement of consciousness. Using the same Anthropic reasoning that I used in my previous post, one could infer that mathematics and logic also co-emerged with consciousness and the world out of chaos. - Bruno is an expert in the field of self referential logical system. Who knows, self referential logical systems implemented in software may become a reality within our lifetime.


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