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Thanks for your appreciation.

John Mikes wrote:
Dear George,
I was missing more of your contributions on this list lately (years?). Let me reflect to a few of your topics: *Chaos.* A decade or so ago I was named 'resident chaotician' on another list - later changed my mind when I was disenchanted by the 'physical chaologists' who picked some 'chaotic' problems that seemed to them as calculable in the original (greek mythological) chaos: the unfathomable uncalculable (pre-geometrical?) plenitude of which the Chronos-Zeus family derived our "Kraxlwerk" (world). Since then I put 'chaos' into the maze of scale-differences (more than just SOME orders of magnitude?) that conflate our math-based thinking. We learn to think about 'chaotic' (very slowly, but we do, indeed). Thank you for leading (me?) towards Tohu-va-Bohu (what I always wrote in one 'tohuvabohu' in ANY language and applied it for some unresolvable mixup in a conglomerate.
The Tohu va Bohu is the nothingness full of potentiality. It reminds me of my son's room when he was a teenager.
*"And God saw the light and it was good"* is translated in some other languages as "And God saw THAT the light was good" (Rabbit: which one is close to the original?)
With my limited knowledge of Hebrew I can translate it as And God saw the light "because-good" (ki-tov). I will let the rabbi confirm. Interestingly it is the first mention of "good" therefore you can take it as a "definition". Pursuing the reasoning in my previous post, Goodness is defined as the awakening consciousness coemergent with, and creating, the world. In other words creation is goodness itself.
Does not underline an omniscient God. Now - your God = Consciousness is to my liking: I could not identify either of them. I consider Ccness a covering noumenon of many phenomena detected over a long cultural history and in my speculations I boiled it down to "responding to information" - self-recursively, or not. E.g. the response of an electron to a + charge etc. So it really covers the entire World as you connotation would imply for God = Consciousness.
Yes. God=Consciousness=World........ kind of a trinity.......(please take this as a joke) :-)
From this position it is obvious that I am not much for the Anthropic Principle. It is a backwards thinking from visualizing "US" (as God's children?) as the main actors in the world. We are not.


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