> On 16 Jul 2010, at 14:13, Mark Buda wrote:
>> But the upshot of it is this: I have found out what happens when you
>> commit quantum suicide. You discover that you believe a contradiction,
>> and that even though nothing about the world has changed, you
>> understand the universe.
> That seems very weird.

The whole universe is very weird. Quantum mechanics is weird. Another way
to say what I'm trying to says is that you *can't* commit quantum suicide,
because if you try, something will prevent you. Remember that guy on the
list who claimed to have planned to do it, but stopped because he fell in
love? I know why that happened. That's how it works. That's part of the
plan. You're supposed to fall in love and have children. The universe
works out that way.

>> But you have a hard time explaining it.
>> Because you discover that you are, in Bruno's terms, a Lobian machine
>> interviewing itself for the laws of physics.
> But I am saying this to explain that we can use reason to understand
> where the laws of physics come from. Not to mystified people with a
> lack of explanation.

Bruno, I think the misunderstanding here is that you're thinking that
there's one set of laws of physics. And there isn't. There are no laws.
Reality is bound by rules, but the laws of physics aren't the real rules.
It just looks that way if you take the evidence-based approach to figuring
it out. If you take the faith-based approach to figuring it out, you find
God. It doesn't matter which way you go, it's circular, and you get to

>> They're right and wrong, and I understand why, but I can't explain it,
>> and Bruno understands why.
> I guess I have been unclear at some point. I am just a poor scientist
> trying to be honest with myself and the others.

Then there's something I'm assuming you understand that you don't in fact
understand. If we talked I could probably figure out what it was.

> Why do you want to convince Richard Dawkins? You give him credit.

Because I know that I know how to persuade him of the truth based on
evidence *and* emotion. I can prove to him, personally, that I am God, and
that I created the universe. And he will believe it. Because I can show
him a causal loop between the mental world, the physical world, and the
ficional world that explains both intelligent design *and* evolution. I
can show him how man's sense of humor and laughter evolved, and how
they're related to the causal loop. I can show him how love and the idea
of God evolved, and how they're related to the causal loop. I can show him
that Jesus was a real person, and was really God, and that the Catholic
Church he despises is just a bad copy of the real thing, and I can show
him how to fix it. And I can show the church how to fix it. But I have to
do it one day at a time, and I have to do it by *talking* to people, or
it's not worth my effort, because I have my own personal problems, and I
can show how *they* are related to all this. And I can explain how Hari
Seldon's psychohistory worked in Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy,
because I have figured the whole damn thing out.

What it all boils down to, guys, is that the reason marriage counseling
works is that when two people love each other but can't live together they
need a neutral third party to mediate because they can't understand each
other's arguments.

I understand Richard Dawkins and the Catholic Church well enough to get
them talking, if they'll listen to me. I don't know how to get their
attention without ruining my marriage. I'm trapped in God's logic trap.
I've done my best to talk to the Church - I have spent a couple of hours
with a priest, and he seems interested, but I can't figure out how to get
him to do anything helpful.

Is anybody willing to help me? I need help to get this done. I know the
help will come one way or another, but I'm asking the members of the list:
does anybody understand me or want to help me?
Mark Buda <her...@acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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