>>I'm not kidding. I understand your concern
> It's also statistically more likely if you're a male between 18-25...

Statistics govern groups. I am an individual. I am 42. As was my father
when I was born. What an interesting coincidence. Not.

> You did post a testable prediction though -- that Gene Ray of Time Cube
> will die today. Let's say that "today" means within 24 hours of your post.


> If Gene Ray does die today, that would be reasonable evidence that you're
> onto *something* here, but I would want to see three predictions like that
> in a row to be sure.

Not only do I predict Gene Ray's death, but I can show you the
relationship between Time Cube and string theory! I am not making this up.
Why would I make this up?

> If he doesn't die today, would you accept that as
> evidence that you have not developed superpowers of super understanding?

I'm not claiming super powers of super understanding. In fact, it is pure
random luck that I happen to be in this position. I think.

> If Gene Ray doesn't die, the rational thing to do will be to accept your
> failure and calmly move on, rather than come up with some complex reason
> to rationalize it.

It wasn't some kind of ironclad guarantee. It was just a prediction. Based
on intuition, mainly.
Mark Buda <her...@acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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