> Mark, we may be wrong, but none of what you said makes very much sense
> for us. Some things you said may make sense, but seems to me humanly
> communicable only through math, fiction, art, poetry, ... and stands
> always very far away from any literal certainty.

I know it doesn't make sense. I understand why it doesn't make sense. And
I understand why that knowledge is not communicable, thanks to Bruno.

Bear with me: the reason nobody can seem to figure this out is that the
truth is a paradox. Anybody who figures out the paradox can't communicate
the nature of the paradox without sounding crazy to *somebody*, because
it's a fucking paradox. It doesn't make sense to you until you have
already understood it, and then it's too late to explain it to anybody,
because they can't understand it any more. Get it? Good grief, even if the
stuff I'm saying taken as a whole doesn't make sense, at least focus on
one piece at a time and you will agree that I'm making perfect sense. I'm
not spouting words at random. I am a very literal-minded person who
chooses his words with great care. Word mean things. Words mean different
things to different people. That is the core of any failure to
communicate. That is why I have to talk to somebody to be able to make
sense to them and explain. I need the nonverbal feedback to be able to
figure out how to explain. All of us use nonverbal communication all the
time without even realizing it. It's unconscious.

I can make sense to Gene Ray because I understand part of what he's trying
to tell the world. But what I say to him would not make sense to you.

I can make sense to a Catholic priest because I was raised Catholic and I
understand the underlying world view. But what I say to him would not make
sense to an atheist.

I can make sense to a physicist because I understand enough of physics to
communicate with him. But what I say to him would not make sense to an
evolutionary biologist.

I can make sense to an evolutionary biologist. Any evolutionary biologist
will do. I have a special personal reason for wanting to contact Richard
Dawkins, because I have something to say to him that I think he wants to
hear. But the reasoning behind my desire to speak to Richard Dawkins is
not something I know how to explain to you, the members of the list,
because I don't know you all well enough to make sense to all of you at

Bruno understands much of what I understand. In fact, everybody
understands part of what I understand. What I understand is God's plan for
the universe, His tricksy mathematical clockwork fractal rollercoaster
ride of life. Ooh, composing that last sentence gave me great insight into
the workings of the schizophrenic mind, but I said it anyway because I
thought it sounded cool.

Trust me. It'll all work out. A good night's rest might help you
understand. And I can even provide you with a plausible explanation of why
that is so.

This is starting to be fun.
Mark Buda <her...@acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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