On 07/02/11 15:22, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Chalmers defines a 'Computational Hypothesis'

You might attribute this to Putnam or Fodor, or many others, including Galouye. That's CTM. I argue that the computationalist hypothesis is already in the "King Milinda" text, which is a greec-hinduist text from before JC. You can see CTM as an ancestor of the more precise modern comp (TC + yes doctor). The "yes doctor" is a belief in a level of description, where CTM believes implicitlt that we know the level (neuron level, for example). But as Colin explains we might take into account the EM fields. I argue that we have to take into account the glial cells (100 time more numerous than the neurons). No problem with comp, the level might be as low as the 101000 rational cut of the heisenberg matrix of the milky way at the dimension of the superstrings.

The Computational Hypothesis says that "physics as we know it is not the fundamental
level of reality."

Give me the reference.

(first google hit for Chalmers Computational Hypothesis)
Chalmers opposed me on this at the ASSC4. This is a consequence of comp, not a direct consequence. Indeed it is the result of my thesis that many oppose ((but rarely publicly for some reason) since I published it in 1988. Just read the archive on this list. Most materialist and atheists believe that physics describes the fundamental level of reality, and today virtually nobody has seen that it cannot be so. Only Wheeler wrote an explicit paper where he suggests that physics might rely on a deeper non physical theory. See Laws without laws, and david Deutsch critical reply.

"Just as chemical processes underlie biological processes, and microphysical processes underlie chemical processes, something underlies microphysical processes.

Give me the reference. I would appreciate if Chalmers changed his mind on this. I would appreciate even more if he refers to my work, given that he knows its existence.

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