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Are you defining time as isomorphic to the Real number line? Could it be that all of these "proofs of the nonexistence of time" are really just proofs that time is *not* that but something else entirely? It seems to me that we are thinking of the way that we can chronometrize events in our past with real number values and concluding that this labeling scheme extends into the future in a unique way, the problem is that if we take General Relativity seriously this is a non-started of an idea. The relativity of simultaneity coupled with general covariance does not permit any form of unique labeling events. We really need to stop assuming a Newtonian Absolute chronometrization of events. Time is a local measure of change, nothing more.




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I think we are now making hidden assumptions about the nature of time,
namely that it "really exists", and then we are trying to argue that
you can still have immortality (in different senses). However, it is
far more natural to assume that time does not exist and then you get
immortality (in the sense of my conscious states that have a finite
memory always existing) in a far more straightforward way.

That time does not exist is a quite natural assumption. To see this,
assume that it does exist. But then, since time evolution is given by a
unitary transform, the past still exists in a scrambled way in the
present (when taking into account parallel universes). E.g. your past
brain state of ten years ago can still be described in terms of the
physical variables as they exist today. Of course such a description is
extremely complicated involving the physical state of today's
multiverse within a sphere of ten lightyears.

Then assuming that the details of implementation does not affect
consciousness (as long as the right program is being run), one has to
conclude that your past state of coinsciousess exists also today. You
could therefore just as well assume that time does not exist, as the
two possibilities are operationally equivalent.


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