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>> On Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Nick Prince
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>> > Ok Stathis thanks for that but what about the consciousness of the
>> > viking living in 200 AD.  The NCDSC will require some pretty unusual
>> > branches to accomodate his survival. I've read some of your posts
>> > before about personal identity and much of it makes a lot of sense.
>> > I've thought about the possibility of mind uploads , even for my
>> > viking friend but this would require the generation of huge numbers of
>> > variants to ensure there was one which could provide a consistent
>> > extension for him.  Indeed it would mean every possible viking would
>> > have to be generated from DNA possibilities alone as well as with
>> > different memories.  It's a bit of a tall order but not implausible.
>> > It also means that many completely NEW vikings will be generated who
>> > never existed in the past but think they did!
>> You would survive in the most probable way given your circumstances,
>> but it's not difficult to think of a means of survival for any
>> possible situation. For example, if you are a viking it transpires
>> that you are living in a simulation and the programmers magically save
>> you. None of this is problematic if every possibility actually happens
>> somewhere in the multiverse. Also note that it does not have to be
>> your actual matter that continues in some form. It just has to be
>> another entity somewhere in the multiverse with a mind that is a
>> consistent extension of your mind at the moment of your demise.
>> --
>> Stathis Papaioannou
> Hi Stathis
> Thanks for helpfulful replies.
> You say that none of this is problematic if every possibility actually
> happens.  I'm wondering if you are thinking of Tegmarks levels 1-4
> universes. By this I mean do you think there no limits to what is
> possible or that logically impossible things happen like having a
> square circle or something.  When people on the list talk of the
> plenitude or multiverse I wonder if some think the laws of physics are
> different or whether it is just the " physical constants".  I accept
> that most will think that level 1 is quite rich for many possiblities,
> but not every possibility. I would think that Logical possibility is a
> limit except logical would have to mean arithmetical truth as Bruno
> speaks of. Logical - as in "common sense" can often be far from
> common.
> Best wishes
> Nick

Even Tegmark's Level 1 multiverse is sufficient to provide
continuation of consciousness at every apparently terminal event; for
example through the device of waking from a dream.

Stathis Papaioannou

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