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> But then why is your demise relevant?  Presumably because if you did not die
> then the most consistent extension would be that your consciousness remain
> associated with your body - but as your body/brain deteriorates the most
> consistent extension becomes....what?  another deteriorating brain?  Why is
> it not just the continuingly deteriorating brain already associated with
> "you"?

It is, and eventually you will become completely demented and die. But
there is a possible successor from this state who regains your
memories and remembers at least the early stages of the deterioration,
as well as a successor who remains moderately demented. There is no
guarantee that you will survive indefinitely with most of your
memories, although most societies in which you live will aim for this
ideal, which I think makes it a bit more likely. But in the worst case
you could survive indefinitely in pain and misery.

Stathis Papaioannou

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