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> Ok Stathis thanks for that but what about the consciousness of the
> viking living in 200 AD.  The NCDSC will require some pretty unusual
> branches to accomodate his survival. I've read some of your posts
> before about personal identity and much of it makes a lot of sense.
> I've thought about the possibility of mind uploads , even for my
> viking friend but this would require the generation of huge numbers of
> variants to ensure there was one which could provide a consistent
> extension for him.  Indeed it would mean every possible viking would
> have to be generated from DNA possibilities alone as well as with
> different memories.  It's a bit of a tall order but not implausible.
> It also means that many completely NEW vikings will be generated who
> never existed in the past but think they did!

You would survive in the most probable way given your circumstances,
but it's not difficult to think of a means of survival for any
possible situation. For example, if you are a viking it transpires
that you are living in a simulation and the programmers magically save
you. None of this is problematic if every possibility actually happens
somewhere in the multiverse. Also note that it does not have to be
your actual matter that continues in some form. It just has to be
another entity somewhere in the multiverse with a mind that is a
consistent extension of your mind at the moment of your demise.

Stathis Papaioannou

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