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> I think that in this discussion one is assuming that the classical
> picture of an OM applies and that then leads to the false notion that
> you need to look at a sequence of states. But this is completely
> false. Obviously the brain is effectively classical, but classicality
> from quantum dynamics is only achived because of decoherence, so the
> brain gets entangled with the environment. The same is true, of
> course, if you run any classical machine, like your PC.
> Now, the computational state of your brain, represented  as an
> entangled state with the environment, can be written in the suggestive
> form:
> sum over input of |input, corresponding output>
> In fact, the entire computational history will be present in the
> state, as it exist at any moment.

I don't see how that can be.  Simply from an informational perspective,
the computational history can have a lot more bits than the digitized
brain can store as a state - at least as a classical system.  I think
you must be including all the information that exists in the environment
due to interaction with the brain.  This of course has been spreading
out from the brain at the speed of light; so it's not clear to me where
this history starts.  With birth?  At the big bang?  At the last Everett
split?  At the last Everett split that corresponds to a different
quasi-classical "thought??

Hi Brent,
You are trying to force it all into a single 3p mold. Everett tells us that the physical universe is reborn complete

Everett's viewpoint is that the "splits" are just in our experiences relative to other events.

with its own big bang, inflation etc. in each split for each observer on that branch. Remember, for instance, how time does not exist in the 3p?

Don't "remember" that.


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