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Love and free will

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On 16.05.2011 16:49 selva said the following:
Considering only our world in the many world interpretation,it is a
separate causal domain..
there is no domain shear between the different domains(different
parallel worlds)..i.e.there is decoherence..
It is known that in our causal domain,there is cause and effect
everything is happening because of a cause..everything is as it is
because it ought to be such.
There is a grand flow in the varying positions of atoms constituting
the universe..
If this is right,then how can we say ,we have free will ?
why is there binary state at all ?
if there is free will,how can we say everything affects everything ?
why is the 50-50 probability arises ?
why is there probability functions at all ?
If the positions of the atoms in my mind(my thoughts) now affect the
positions of the atoms in your brain(your thoughts) ,then does it mean
you don't have a free will ?
Is our consciousness part of the grand consciousness (the universe).
Are we like the white cells(individually conscious) in our body,to the
Then above all,the real question is why is there parallel worlds at
all ?
everything affects everything or not ?

P.S : i am just a student and i don't have real technical knowledge in
all these fields..i am just curious..what is these universe and why
does it exists at all..
so please bear with my ignorance.

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