On 6/21/2011 8:17 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Comp implies strong AI (but not vice versa: machine can think does not entail that only machine can think). Comp => STRONG AI: If I am a machine, then some machine can think (assuming that I can think). But comp denies that "we can prove that a machine can think". Of course we can prove that some machine has this or that competence. But for intelligence/consciousness, this is not possible. (Unless we are not machine. Some non-machine can prove that some machine are intelligent, but this is purely academical until we find something which is both a person and a non-machine).

But of course we can prove that a machine can think to the same degree we can prove other people think. That we cannot prove it from some self-evident set of axioms is completely unsurprising. This comports with my idea that with the development of AI the "question of consciousness" will come to be seen as a archaic, like "What is life?".


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