On 18 Sep 2011, at 06:13, Craig Weinberg wrote:

Accounting is not explaining. Which actually sums up my entire
position on this endless thread. Consciousness explains and counts.
Computers only count. Come up with an algorithm for explanation, and
put it into an electronic explainer, and we will have true AGI.

Computers can do much more than counting. Actual computer can compare, explore, refer to themselves in the 3p- way, refer to themselves in the 1p way and account of that difference between 1p and 3p. They can believe, know, observe, feel, and be aware of the difference between sharable and non sharable knowledge, and all this can be show, from numbers + reasonable axiomatic definition of all those terms. In that paragraph you are showing that you seem to persist in displaying the reductionist pre-Gödel-Turing conception of what machines are and can be.



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