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> Craig, do the neurons violate the conservation of energy and  
> momentum?  And if not, then how can they have any unexpected effects?

Here's a post I did today that hopefully helps clarify how I think it
works: http://s33light.org/post/11288327147

but to answer your question, no, they don't violate any physical laws.
I think it's possible that the only fundamental difference between a
neuron and a liver cell is that the neuron is tasked with
participating in making sense and decisions for the organism as a
whole rather than just the processes related to hepatic metabolism.
This seems even more likely since they just found a way to turn liver
cells into neurons: 

They have unanticipated physical effects (though not unexpected when
you have access to the private sensorimotive causes) because
electromagnetic charge is manipulated through sensorimotivation. In
the post I suggest maybe a perpendicular polarity - east vs west which
influences charge between high level and low level processes. All we
see is that neurons spontaneously depolarize their membranes in groups
but there is no physical law which suggests when such a spontaneous
firing would occur. We can force the firing by changing the voltage
externally, but in the absence of external stimulation, the brain
continues to be spontaneously active. Besides, our ordinary experience
suggests that we do enjoy voluntary control over many processes of our
mind and body as evidenced by the distinction we perceive between
those processes and the processes which we have only partial voluntary
control, are involuntary, or are outside of our direct awareness

It only seems unexpected because you are ruling out our subjective
expectations a priori. It's not necessary to partition the subjective
and objective if we are talking about subjectivity itself. Awareness
is just another phenomena in the universe, it just seems very strange
to us because we ourselves are awareness so we aren't designed to be
able to detect our own detection directly (how would that really
work?). We can't put it into any kind of predictable object-in-space 3-
p model, we can only infer it from correlating our 1-p experiences
with our 3-p measurements. Just as we can't watch ultraviolet tv
shows, our use of microscopes, MRI, etc, give us no capacity to extend
our vision to the 1-p and actually serve to extend our blindness of it
by presenting a seamless world of physical objects in space with no
hint of perceptual subjects through time.

Does that help at all?


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