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Emergent properties of electromagnetism are also electromagnetic, are
they not?
No.  Forming images is an emergent property of electromagnetic waves which in 
turn are an
emergent phenomena of Maxwell's electromagnetism.
Electromagnetic waves do not form images. Images are perceptual
No there are planar representations of information.  EM waves can form an image 
on a
photographic plate whether anyone looks at it or not.
Without someone looking at the photographic plate, there is no
difference between information and noise.

There is a mapping between the image and thing imaged (which could be noise).

If there existed nothing in
the universe who could see, there would be no information there.

Define "see".

Information is just a way of saying 'experiences that make sense to

Have you read Shannon's theory of "Experineces that make sense to us".

Some experiences make sense on a lower, more universal level -
that is electromagnetism. A photographic plate doesn't know or care
what an image is though.

I didn't say it did.  I said it was a emergent property of EM, that it could 
form images.

Heat is an electromagnetic wave the same as visible
light, but it forms no images.

Never seen an IR image?

Your view takes pattern in general for
granted, mine does not.

Not for granted, but well evidenced.

Electromagnetism is intentionality on every level,
Unsupported assertion.
Doesn't mean it's wrong. If it's true, what would support it?
More to the point what test could possibly falsify it?
Falsifying it would be easy. If we had no experience of intention, or
our experiences of exerting intent did not map to electromagnetic
resonance in the brain, then it would be false.

So the fact that workers in power plants don't have 60Hz "sensorimotive" experiences makes your theory false.



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