On 29.12.2011 16:48 Bruno Marchal said the following:

On 28 Dec 2011, at 21:57, meekerdb wrote:


Another question would be if such a car could be considered as an
 observer in quantum

I don't know whether it's a Lobian machine or not; I guess that
depends on its program. But I'm pretty sure that being a big
macroscopic thing with lots of degrees of freedom and interaction
with the environment it will "collapse" wave functions.

Yes. From its first person point of view. It is a good idea to put
"collapse" in quotes. But I am not sure it needs to be macroscopic
for "collapsing" the wave. It needs to be macroscopic only for making
a de-collapsing impossible in practice. If information leaked to much
in the environment, we can no more erase it, and get back to the
initial pure state. But if QM is correct, even a black hole cannot
erase information, and that seems to explain some observable black
hole feature.

Well, some time ago Rex posted a quote about the rock:


In this respect, a question would be what is the difference between a self-driving car and a rock. Both have a lot of degrees of freedom and both interact.

Bruno, what do you mean by the first person view? Does a self-driving car has it? Does a rock has it?


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