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"  Yes, but there is nothing illogical about infinite progressions; or
>> maybe the Big Bang happened for no reason, nothing illogical about that
>> either."
> " This would contradict with your previous statement: "but we also know
> that everything, absolutely positively everything, happens for a reason OR
> it does not happen for a reason."

What the hell are you talking about? The Big Bang happened for a reason OR
the Big Bang happened for no reason.

 " A chain of "why" or "how" questions eventually comes to a end or they do
> not, and there is nothing illogical about either possibility."

" Well, it would be good if you explain how such a statement agrees with
> your previous statement, quoted above. In my view, they contradict with
> each other.

What the hell are you talking about? Only 2 things can happen to a chain of
"what is the reason for this?" questions, the chain comes to a end OR the
chain does not come to a end. If it doesn't come to a end then everything
in the chain happened for a reason, if it does come to a end then something
happened for no reason. Come on now this isn't rocket science.

" I thought that the Big Bang theory implies that the Universe is not
> eternal, that is, there was the time zero when everything has started."

Maybe, maybe not. Most think the Big Bang existed but there is debate if
there was anything before that; that controversy is at the very frontiers
of science thus although many may be certain about the answer nobody knows;
at least not yet.

 John K Clark

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