On Tue, Jan 24, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> My chasing you with an ax would be no different than colon cancer or
> heart disease chasing you. You would not project criminality on the cancer

Yes exactly, I want any cancer in my body to die and I want the guy
chasing me with a bloody ax to die, and I don't care one bit if either
of them is a criminal or had bad genes or had a bad childhood,
and I don't care if the cancer or the ax-man has free will or not
whatever the hell that term is supposed to mean.

 > Once we understand that computers are never going to become conscious in
> any non-trivial way, that frees us up to turn our efforts into making
> outstanding digital servants to toil away forever for us.

That just ain't going to happen. Having a slave that is a thousand
times smarter than you and can think a million times faster than
you is not a stable situation, its like balancing a pencil on its point.

> Logic 101 is reductionist theory. It's not reality. [...]  Maybe' is not
> yes and it is not not-yes.

It is my understanding that in a debate both parties try to advance
logical reasons to support their position, but if we can't even agree
that logical analysis is preferable to silliness and magical thinking
then I fear there is nothing more to say.

 John K Clark

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