On Jan 26, 5:24 pm, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:
> On 1/26/2012 1:51 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
> >>> My chasing you with an ax would be no different than colon cancer or
> >>> >  >  heart disease chasing you. You would not project criminality on the 
> >>> > cancer
> >> >  Yes exactly, I want any cancer in my body to die and I want the guy
> >> >  chasing me with a bloody ax to die, and I don't care one bit if either
> >> >  of them is a criminal or had bad genes or had a bad childhood,
> >> >  and I don't care if the cancer or the ax-man has free will or not
> >> >  whatever the hell that term is supposed to mean.
> > Of course you would care. If cancer had free will then you could make
> > a deal with it. If people had no free will we would would not bother
> > with imprisonment, we would just exterminate them.
> Imprisonment works because people are intelligent and can learn and act 
> accordingly.
> "Free will" is irrelevant.

If that were the case then prison would either 'work' or not work, but
it doesn't. Computers can 'learn' (trivially) and act accordingly,
like doing a Windows update can change how your computer acts. The
fact that prison does sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work is
another symptom of free will. The person has to choose how they
interpret their imprisonment (make sense of it) and how to respond to
that interpretation (sense + motive). They may be a recidivist sooner
or later, or they may be rehabilitated, or they may try to be
rehabilitated but find that that particular motive is not strong
enough or does not get enough support.

Putting a computer in prison doesn't make sense. From the dumbest toy
processor to the grandest supercomputer, none of them have any
possible criminal motive. Their motive is to enact the proscribed
stops and gos of electric current or weight and motion.


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