On 26.01.2012 19:01 John Clark said the following:
On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Craig


If I have red legos and white legos, and I build two opposite
houses and one of mixed blocks, how in the world does that effect
the entropy of the plastic bricks in any way?

It does not effect the entropy of the plastic bricks but it does
change the entropy of the structures built with those plastic bricks.

This change in the entropy is below of experimental noise. Just estimate what difference it makes and the difference in what digit in the total entropy you will have. Hence the talk about the thermodynamic entropy as the information source in this case is just meaningless, as you cannot experimentally measure what you are talking about.


For a single part in isolation entropy is not defined, a single water
molecule has no entropy but a trillion trillion of them in a drop of
water does.

John K Clark

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