On Jan 27, 2:33 pm, Evgenii Rudnyi <use...@rudnyi.ru> wrote:
> On 26.01.2012 19:01 John Clark said the following:
> > On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Craig
> > Weinberg<whatsons...@gmail.com>wrote:
> ...
> >>> If I have red legos and white legos, and I build two opposite
> >>> monochrome
> >> houses and one of mixed blocks, how in the world does that effect
> >> the entropy of the plastic bricks in any way?
> > It does not effect the entropy of the plastic bricks but it does
> > change the entropy of the structures built with those plastic bricks.
> This change in the entropy is below of experimental noise. Just estimate
> what difference it makes and the difference in what digit in the total
> entropy you will have. Hence the talk about the thermodynamic entropy as
> the information source in this case is just meaningless, as you cannot
> experimentally measure what you are talking about.
> Evgenii

Thanks, that's what I thought.

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