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> If a bucket of water has more of it than DNA, then the word information
> is meaningless.

You would need to send more, far far more, dots and dashes down a wire to
inform a intelligent entity what the position and velocity of every
molecule in bucket of water is than to inform it exactly what the human
genome is. Now what word didn't you understand.

> > A symphony then would have less information and more entropy than random
> noise.

No, a symphony would have less information but LESS entropy than random
white noise. That's why lossless computer image and sound compression
programs don't work with white noise, there is no redundancy to remove
because white noise has no redundancy.  It would take many more dots and
dashes sent down a wire to describe every pop and click in a piece of white
noise than to describe a symphony of equal length.

> If the word information is to have any meaning, quantity and
> compressibility of data must be distinguished from quality of it's
> interpretation.

If you want to clearly distinguish these things, and I agree that is a very
good idea, then you need separate words for the separate ideas. Quality is
subjective so mathematics can not deal with it, mathematics can work with
quantity however, so if quality comes into play you can not use the word
"information" because mathematics already owns that word; but there are
plenty of other words that you can use, words like "knowledge" or

> Let's say your definition were true though. What does it have to do with
> information being directly proportionate to entropy?

The larger the entropy something has the more information it has.

> If entropy were equal or proportionate to information, then are saying
> that the more information something contains, the less it matters.

Whether it matters or not is subjective so you should not use the word
"information" in the above. A bucket of water contains far more information
than the human genome but the human genome has far more knowledge, at least
I think so, although a bucket of water might disagree with me.

 John K Clark

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