On Jan 31, 4:40 pm, Terren Suydam <terren.suy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> What if a baby is fed a virtual reality from the day it was born?
> Assume that (as in the movie) the sensory inputs are rich enough that
> if we were to experience it, we would be hard pressed to detect that
> it was a virtual reality.

I will agree for the sake of argument, but if my theory is true,
reality may be felt literally in your bones on some (maybe
unconscious) level. There may be no way of truly trapping someone in a
fantasy with no chance of them knowing it.

> If the baby grows up in a virtual world, complete with rich social
> interaction, then why wouldn't she still develop a sense of
> personhood?

Oh I think they would. They are a real baby though with a human brain,
not an adding machine.

>  What is it about the source of the sensory data that
> prohibits personhood from developing?

It's not sensory data, personhood is inherent in human life. If it's
not a human, it can't have a human life. A computer has an experience
of it's switches and routers, maybe qualia we can't imagine, but there
is no indication that any program shows signs of turning into a


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