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In Craig's defense I would like to point out that however trolling or postmodernist you might see his ideas, he is trying hard to think outside of the box that you guys are gyrating in like the ball in a game of Pong. How does science advance unless people are willing to contemplate alternative ideas?

I don't see any alternative idea or theory. When he says that qualia explains the universe, that fits with the proven consequences of comp, where quanta are case of qualia. He is not bad at introspection, he might grasp comp a little bit, but he does not try to submit a theory in the usual meaning of the terms. So we can't help.

Stephen, don't confuse comp, as used as a "pretext for not addressing the mind-body problem by materialist", and what we can already see from a formulation of the mind body problem when computationalism is taken seriously into account. This already leads to a rational alternative, if not reversal.

To be frank, you fail also to provide a theory, as your notion of "Existence" illustrates. Existence of what? You never answered.

Hi Bruno,

My my, are we in a snit of a mood! I am assuming a basic axiom: Existence exists. If this is difficult for you to grasp, please watch this lecture on Epistemology:


This did not help. Sorry. I am used to appreciate Ayn Rand, but progress have been made. Pointing on a playlist with 30 videos is unecessary distraction. If you have a point, you should try to make it.

When you say "Existence exist", either I interpret it intuitively by "something exists" --- the non-nothing theory---and I hardly doubt it, or I interpret it as a reification of existence, like if it was a property or an object, and that would deserve a precise (and non standard) theoretical frame to be made precise. Without precision, an expression like "Existence exists" does not convey information, and seems like a category error.

What I ask is a scientific theory, by which I mean a first order logical theory about what you assume to exist, and then theorems justifying the other form that "existence" can take.

Some times you might wish to stop thinking like an automaton and enjoy how other people think. :-)

When I do not understand a joke/theory, I do not laugh/enjoy.



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