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    On 2/16/2012 11:15 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

            All of this substitution stuff is predicated upon the possibility 
that the
        brain can be emulated by a Universal Turing Machine. It would be 
helpful if we
        first established that a Turing Machine is capable of what we are 
assuming it
        do be able to do. I am pretty well convinced that it cannot

    Well at least, you state now that you think comp is simply false... so it's 
    trolling about it, when you just reject the premices...

    It's not trolling when Stephen believes it and is willing to argue 
rationally for it.

It is trolling when you ask computationalism to be something else as computationalism (the view that the human mind is an information processing system, can be run on a UTM). He simply reject the premices, so there no point to argue to the conclusion of the UD argument when you stop at step 0... If you reject from the start, the logical conclusion is that you reject all the step, no point to argue on step 7, when you stop on step 0.

I don't agree. You may find an error in an inference and that's useful, whether you agree with the premises or not. A discussion list isn't about people arriving at a decision. I find Craig to be more troll-like because his arguments are such scatter-gun analogies - but I think he's sincere and not a troll.


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