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There is a problem with this way of thinking in that it assumes that all of the properties of objects are inherent in the objects themselves and have no relation or dependence on anything else. This is is wrong. We know from our study of QM and the experiments that have been done, that the properties of objects are definite because of interdependence and interconnections (via entanglement) between all things within our event horizon. You seem to be laboring under the classical Newtonian view. To have a consistent and real idea of teleportation one has to consider,
for example, the requirements of quantum teleportation
The assumption in COMP is that a subst. level exists, it's the main assumption! What does that practically mean? That you can eventually implement the brain (or a partial version of it) in a (modified) TM-equivalent machine (by CTT). It does not deny the quantum reality, merely says that the brain's functionality required for consciousness is classical (and turing-emulable).

But it assumes that the classical brain/TM interacts with a quantum world, so that one's state of consciousness can become entangled with Schrodinger's cat. So the external quantum world may still be essential.

But QM is Turing emulable, so this would only make the level low without changing the comp reversal consequences.

In fact I tend to think that if we extract QM from comp, exactly (with the same quantitative Heisenberg uncertainty), then we might argue that the Heisenberg uncertainty defined some 3-sharable common comp substitution level. More progress in AUDA is needed to analyse that notion of level (in AUDA we reason on machine being correct, by constriction, on their subst level).

Mrs. Schrodinger: "Irwin, what have to done to that cat? It looks half dead!"
Schrodinger: "I don't know.  Ask Wigner."

Mrs. Schroedinger: That does not help Irwin, Wigner looks half saying the cat is dead.



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