On Fri, Feb 17, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> How and why did evolution or physics or statistical laws come to be? How
> is that really different from the God hypothesis?

Neither can explain why there is something rather than nothing, but the
Evolution theory can explain how Evolution did what it did. However the God
theory can NOT explain how God did what he did. And explaining how physics
and statistical laws came to be is very very hard, but the God theory must
do something even harder, explain how the thing that made physics and
statistical laws came to be.

> > And physics does the same by kicking everything downstairs to simple
> mechanisms.

Yes, SIMPLE mechanism. Kicking things downstairs is exactly what a good
theory should do, using the simple to explain the complex. The God
hypothesis does the opposite and uses the complex to explain the simple and
that does no good at all, far better would be a truthful "I don't know".

> > Quantum physics and computationalism may be doing exactly that right
> now. Our chasing ever more insubstantial chains of logical causality may be
> entirely misguided.

There doesn't seem to be any "may be" about it, chains of causality are not
infinity long, eventually they stop and you will reach randomness.

> At some point it may be necessary to realize that the universe cannot be
> understood by relying exclusively on the knowable,

Maybe, but then the universe is not knowable period.  If it takes something
you can never know to understand the universe then obviously you will never
understand the universe; and the God hypothesis is still totally useless.

> but we may have no choice but to investigate choice itself.

But there is nothing to investigate, there is no great mystery about
choice, it's either causal or random.

  John K Clark

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