On 19.02.2012 15:52 Bruno Marchal said the following:
Both Cantor and Gödel used the word theology

Could you please cite these works?

By the way, recently I have listened to the course Theorien der Wahrheit (Theories of truth) by Prof Hoenen. Among other works he has discussed Logische Untersuchungen (Logical Investigations) by Gottlob Frege and his famous das dritte Reich (the third Reich, no doubt has nothing to do with Hitler).

The theology as such has been mentioned as well, as Prof Hoenen has paid a lot of attention to Anselm von Canterbury, Über die Wahrheit (On Truth). Prof Hoenen has shown that many other works has been influenced (directly or indirectly) by Anselm.

The list of considered texts in the course is here



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