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Contrarily to what Peter Jones (1Z) asserts frequently, we don't
suppose Platonism, nor immateriality, we just suppose that we can use
the excluded middle principle for the Sigma_1 arithmetical sentences.

If you want to say I am being simulated on a UD, you need an existing

Yes, but elementary arithmetic prove that UDs exist, in the sense that the truth of Ex(x is a UD) does not depend of you, like the truth of Ex(x is prime) does not depend of you.

It isn't in the material universe.

Well, this confirms again that you have a problem only in UDA-step 8. Here you are just begging the question by defining existence by material existence.

Let me ask you two questions. First I define a big-robust physical universe, by a universe which run some UD. Do you agree that comp +robust-universe entails the complete reduction of physics to computer science. If you say no, can you pinpoint the step in UDA1-6 you disagree with. If you say yes, then we might have to come back on MGA.



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