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it is important to conceive that comp might be false.
Why? If it's false I don't see how there could be a way to prove it false,
Huh? Hardly anything is exactly computer-emulable. Flight
simulators don't fly. The Computational Theory of X
has been disproved (or never even entertained) for many values of X

and as we can not function unless we assume it's true
WHAAAAT??? How did we function before the 20th century???

Comp is an hypothesis concerning consciousness. Why should we must to
assume it.
Because it's important but nobody will ever be able to prove or disprove it
and most of all because nobody can function if they thought they were the
only conscious being in the universe.
What the hell has solipsism got to do with CTM?

    What Craig wrote is not solipsism.

I argue that comp reduces the mind-body problem into a
appearance-of-body problem in arithmetic. In a nutshell, comp seems to be
incompatible with an already weak form of materialism (the belief in an
ontological primitive matter).
Maybe that's because consciousness is a adjective not a noun
It isn;t

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