On 4/17/2012 10:24 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
On Apr 8, 2:10 pm, meekerdb<meeke...@verizon.net>  wrote:

That doesn't follow.  It assmes that zombieness is an attribute of components 
rather than
of their functional organization.  There can obviously be zombie (unconscious) 
(e.g. quarks and electrons) which when properly assembled produce conscious 
I can just as easily say that all components must have some degree of
consciousness themselves since we are made of the same kinds of atoms
as all things are. Assembly only changes the relative presentation of
some group of atoms to another group.

So you think you'll be just as conscious if your atoms are rearranged?  LOL


It has no power to summon
awareness from the void. To say that unconsciousness is obvious is an
argument from naive realism. We can't see consciousness in a human
body, why should we expect to see it in an atom's body?


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