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>>However, the brain must be either probabilistic or
>> deterministic.
> It doesn't matter what the brain's limitations are. It seems to me
> that the psyche uses the brain like a tool. The brain is a 3-D shadow
> of an 8-D temporal phenomena.

Without the psyche how would the brain behave differently?

>>You still haven't explained the third category, neither
>> probabilistic nor deterministic. If I assert that I have special dice
>> which are neither probabilistic nor deterministic, what am I
>> asserting? How could we tell if I was telling the truth?
> The third category is intention. It's quite ordinary and
> straightforward. Understood implicitly among all cultures and people.
> If you have special dice that determine their rolls intentionally, you
> could not tell the difference, but they could. That's because motive
> originates from within and is private.

That's not a third category. Determined or probabilistic is a
description of externally observable behaviour. So if you claim that
you could not tell the difference with the special dice, you are
admitting that intention is consistent with either determinism or
randomness, which is what I have been saying all along.

>> When I worry about a decision I worry about what sort of universe I
>> will find myself in. In one universe I made a good decision and am
>> happy, in another I made a bad decision and am unhappy. If I didn't
>> worry about it, for example if I walked across the road without
>> looking, then I am more likely to end up in a universe where I am
>> unhappy.
> But you just create millions of universes where you get hit by a car
> no matter what you decide. What would be the point of having a sense
> of a personal stake in this particular version of you?

I can only experience one universe at a time, so if I cross carefully
I am more likely to experience  a universe where I don't get hit.

Stathis Papaioannou

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