On Sun, May 27, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Now you claim not to understand either words will or free? How could you
> know whether it's circular or not when you claim not to understand either
> term? When that power to decide is taken away by a cage, what has been
> lost? How do you know what I know? Are you telepathic?

You believe that one of the many self-contradictory attributes that this
thing called "free will" gives people is the ability to do things for no
reason and you think that is wonderful, so it's surprising you should ask
so many questions about what CAUSED me to write what I wrote.

> I'm doing a radio show on Tuesday.

You arn't the first and won't be the last to peddle gibberish on the radio.

> You can't choose whether to choose to take my word or not, you have no
> free will. You are a puppet of any force that happens to run across the
> algorithm that you are. it wasn't you who was making a choice. The reason
> made the choice and it made you believe you made it.

So now you have discovered a new thing you can talk about on your radio
show:  if  Craig Weinberg finds that a particular fact about the universe
is unpleasant to him then that fact can not be true.

> your brain is wired to support free will.

Cannot comment, don't know what ASCII string "free will" means and neither
do you.

> Free will doesn't have to determine everything in the universe, just
> determining how my brain operates the voluntary muscles of my body is
> enough.

Cannot comment, don't know what ASCII string "free will" means and neither
do you.

  John K Clark

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