On May 30, 6:13 pm, Quentin Anciaux <allco...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> No, you can. I can log into the root level on a hardware node - pick a
> >> virtual machine on that node and log into it, open up a remote desktop
> So for you a remote desktop is not an interface... "remote" is a magic
> mushroom ?

It's not an interface, it's just the OS. It doesn't have to be a
remote desktop, it can be anything. I can open a local folder or a
remote folder, it makes no difference.

> So for you when two programs "talk" they do it through wishful thinking ?
> read what **interface** means.

Then programs are made of 'interfaces'? Each line of code interfaces
with another? Each byte interfaces with the next byte? There is no
difference between running code on the root level and running it on a
nested virtual level. There is a big difference between running code
on the root level and causing changes in the outside world. There is
no 'interface' that will allow a computer to control all matter and
energy in the universe and there is no 'interface' required for a
program to control any software running in a given digital environment
that it is designed to control.


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