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> > If they are "rational agents" then it's rational and if it's rational
> then there is a reason behind it and if there is a reason behind it then
> it's deterministic.
> > That's not logically the case.  People who believe in 'free will' think
> the reason is in front of it,

In front of it? I don't know what that means and I would bet money you
don't either. It sounds good though as long as you don't examine it.

> the reason for posting this is to communicate.

You wish to communicate your ideas, and there is a reason for this desire
(maybe genes maybe environment probably both), or maybe there is no reason
for this desire and is thus random.

> A random event could satisfy the 'efficient physical cause' but they rule
> out random events as inconsistent with obviously purposeful decisions and
> actions.

So fans of the "free will" noise think purposeful events, things that
happen for a reason, are not random, that is to say they did not happen for
no reason. Or to say the same thing with different words fans of the "free
will" noise think random events are random and purposeful events are
purposeful. Well, it may not be deep but at least it's true.

  John K Clark

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